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DuMedia is a global advertising network, which provides a platform for advertisers and partners for the sale and purchase of Internet traffic. We offer you a comprehensive cross-channel solution that combines media advertising, mobile and video advertising promotion, and retargeting.

Are you an advertiser looking for new sources of traffic? DuMedia can help you! We work with different formats and types of advertising, providing you with a convenient service and a friendly interface for the purchase of traffic.

Are you a partner looking for an additional solution to monetize your traffic? DuMedia offers interaction with numerous advertisers from different segments and with different payment schemes. Use our promotional materials and enjoy more income!

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Get MORE from advertising!

Are you an advertiser spending large budgets on promotional campaigns that never pay off?
Are you a partner with traffic sources, but you do not know how to monetize them?
Try DuMedia and get results!

Effectiveness of advertising formats

We work with various types of advertisements. We are constantly checking out new formats and choose only the most effective ones.
Each advertiser has an opportunity to test creative initiatives new to the Russian market,
and each partner can experiment with formats.
Before commencing your activities with the system, see a demonstration of formats and choose the ones that appeal to you the most!

Mobile traffic monetization

One of the most promising segments of online promotion is mobile advertising.
Almost 33% of online store customers shop from mobile devices.
Do not miss your chance to find your user on the mobile Internet!
We work with all famous mobile platforms and use the most popular banner formats!

DuMedia RTB (Real Time Bidding)

DuMedia is a private RTB platform integrated with all popular SSP, which continues to evolve as an independent DSP (Demand-Side Platform).
The aggregate amount of traffic exceeds 6 billion offerings per month.
We use only attractive personalized banners, individual prices for each offering, and various priorities for goods.
Wide-range geography indicators enable us to find exactly your user anywhere in the world.

Bring your users back to the website and convert them into customers!

E-mail - retargeting

Email-retargeting - one of the most effective tools for user interaction.
The user leaves and does not complete order on your site, leave no data about yourself?
You don't know which way to return the concerned, but don't make a purchase customer?
Send him an actual email using the service DuMedia and increase in sales conversion!


Display banner ads with the Post View payment model.
In our system, you can track the actions of people who saw your ads, but don't click for some reason.
In this case, you pay only for results & only for actual sales.
This service allows you to get a deeper analysis and understanding of what affects your customers.

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Why DuMedia?

We use our own professional experience combined with individual approach to each client to constantly enhance the efficiency of our work with advertisers of any level.
We are proud to provide services to global brands and to advertisers of any kind, representing multiple segments, including e-commerce, online games, the financial sector, travel, and mobile entertainment.
Our partners are top premium websites, large portals, niche content websites, local websites, social media, etc.

DuMedia represents a combination of high-quality inventory, millions of users worldwide, and the most famous advertisers!

  1. High conversion

    Flexible settings for precise contact with your audience

  2. Advertising materials

    FREE promotional material for you

  3. The growth of your audience

    An additional effect - media advertising, expanding your audience!

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They trust us:

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Ad2web GmbH Lise-Meitnerstr. 8 74074 Heilbronn


skype: dumediaru

About DuMedia

DuMedia сompany powered by admitad GmbH (international affilate network) operates as a global advertising platform.

Service combines media and mobile advertising, and uses tools PostView and Retargeting. In addition, we do interesting and productive projects for admitad advertisers , such as email-retargeting.

By offering various advertising solutions to our clients both on desktop and mobile platforms, we aim to foster the profitability of our clients and affiliates.

DuMedia is globally oriented and has affiliate agreements with European, Asian and USA advertisers, including the leading mobile traffic networks.